Building the future of philanthroy

Fundwurx is enhancing the donor experience, by making giving to charities personalized, simple, and enjoyable

Reinventing giving through personalization

Out of the 1.2 million nonprofits in the US, Fundwurx combines 1st and 3rd party data to recommend the best charities for a donor to get engaged with, by building state of the art personalized software

Creating a premium Digital Donor Experience

Donors can stay up to date and track their donation each step of the way, while also managing their tax receipts. The Fundwurx digital wallet keeps all tax-deductible receipts in one place, making it easy for the donor to track their gifts and export tax documents by the click of a button

How we serve Nonprofits...

Fundwurx disrupts the conventional methods of acquiring donors, by helping organizations obtain donations and reach younger donors like never before

Offering a variety of uniques features and services

Fundwurx can help nonprofit organizations decrease fundraising expenses, save time and energy, gain a holistic view on their donors, and connect with a younger generation of philanthropists

Donor analytics dashboard

Customized predictive donor models built using AI

Donor messaging/
communication tool created using AI