Enhance Your Business With Social Impact

Easily create & manage employee giving and volunteer programs that strengthen workplace culture, boost
employee engagement, and showcase your
company's commitment to giving back

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Fundwurx's all-in-one platform makes
running social impact programs seamless

Whether you're planning your first company volunteer day, are manually tracking your  
impact initiatives in a spreadsheet, or using a legacy system, we've got you covered.

How it works

Plan Volunteer Days

Browse our proprietary database of nonprofits to find the perfect event for your teams in seconds. From delivering meals to planting trees, we help you enhance employee morale & strengthen bonds outside the workplace. We'll take care of tracking sign-ups, sending calendar invites, and checking in volunteers on-site, ensuring a best-in-class experience

Promote Workplace Giving

Enable your employees to donate to over one million vetted nonprofits across the globe to support their favorite causes or participate in major giving events & campaigns. Spotlight existing nonprofit partners or promote new ones, boosting your company's philanthropic impact

Simplify Corporate Matching

Show your support for the causes your employees care about by offering a custom donation matching program. Easily manage ON & OFF platform requests with our one-click approval button

Unlock Valuable Insights
In Real-Time

Leverage advanced analytics to better understand your company's social impact efforts. Gain insights into the causes your employees support, identify engagement trends across teams and departments, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your CSR strategy

Onboard Seamlessly With Your Existing Systems

Whether you have 100 or 1,000 employees, we integrate with dozens of HR system so you can onboard employees with peace of mind

Make progress towards building a better workplace culture today.

Drive Real Business Value With, Fundwurx.

We Help Nonprofits Achieve  
Greater Impact

At Fundwurx, we are committed to helping nonprofits increase their visibility, attract new supporters, and overall advance their mission forward.

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