Helping businesses better align profit with purpose

Fundwurx is an all-in-one platform to automate & streamline Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts, saving businesses time, effort, and resources

Changing the way impact teams operate

Leverage project management tools, communication software, and real-time reporting features to better manage all Corporate Social Responsibility operations

Engage employees like never before

Offer a diverse portfolio of nonprofits for staff to donate to, volunteer with, and join nonprofit boards with causes that align with their values and interests

Creating a Premium Giving Experience

Leveraging advanced payment technologies, Fundwurx can automate employee donations on a monthly or annual basis, as well as organize all donation receipts in a digital wallet to maximize tax deductions

Helping nonprofit organizations make a BIGGER IMPACT

Fundwurx can help nonprofits gain a holistic view on their donors, connect with more people, and be a part of the future of corporate philanthropy

Increase your organizations visibility and actively promote your mission

Unlock advanced donor insights through our real-time analytics capabilities

Stand out amongst other organizations through
in-platform promotions